Steven J. Austin

Steven J. Austin is the Founder and President of 180 Degrees MinistriesĀ®. He spent five years as pastor, led his congregation through a church merger, and co-pastored for another two years for that church before starting 180 in 2003. Through years of rebellion and addiction, he was met with God's grace. The discovery of grace has allowed him to live a passionate life beyond his greatest imagination. Now, Steven J. Austin offers readers his life-changing experiences and lessons learned in his latest book entitled Getting Your Life ON-TARGET which is the cornerstone of the teaching, counseling, and life lessons offered through the residential program at Life on Target.

God's vision for Steve Austin:
To become God's agent proclaiming freedom in Christ to those trapped in the bondage of addiction and living in the United States.

Steven's personal mission statement:
I am placed on this earth for the purpose of leading individuals to a personal revelation of who Christ is and who they are in Christ, thus
stimulating intimacy with the God who created them.

Steven's personal philosophy in life:
Never underestimate the significance and importance of the process.