About Life On Target

Life On Target is a unique business whose primary function is to challenge and change how addiction is viewed and treated in the U.S. Life On Target is unique because we are comprised of "out of the box" thinkers who offer a much different approach to the traditional mode of treating addiction. Our Co-founder, Steven J. Austin, experienced depths of addiction himself and now brings a message of hope, transformation, and radical healing to anyone ready for long-term life-change. After graduating multiple treatment centers, he discovered the many fallacies associated with the traditional model while also learning what not to do in treating life-controlling problems.

This revolutionary thought process captured in a book, workbook, and DVD series entitled "Getting Your Life On Target," has already moved into the non-profit sector and amazing results have been verified through many clients at 180 Degrees Ministries, Spring2Life Addiction Recovery, The Dream Center, and Bethel Transformational Ministry just to name a few.

We are so convinced of our success and results that more than half of our staff are former addicts that have been touched by this message of God's love and purpose for each of our lives.