Behavior is merely a symptom of a deeper root issue! Our responsibility to you is to find out why you do, what you do by discovering the root problems and focusing in on those root issues, not the behavior. Root issues come in the form of lies that we believe about who we are that do not coincide with the Word of God. These lies are designed by the enemy to infiltrate our core belief, pervert our mindset, and influence our behavior in a negative way.

  • Step #1
    We must establish right beliefs first.


    Wrong Belief
    I am worthless

    Right Belief
    I am lovable and loved by God

  • Step #2
    Your beliefs will then alter your mindset.


    Wrong Mindset
    I hate myself and will never amount to anything.
    Right Mindset
    I see value in myself despite failures of my past and future.
  • Step #3
    Your behaviors will naturally change based on your mindset.


    Wrong Behavior
    Always will struggle with life and turn to depression, addiction...
    Right Behavior
    I now desire to enjoy life and move beyond my life struggle.
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It's the lies of enemy that keep you in bondage, and it's the truth of God that will set you free! We must replace the lies with truth in order for real change to occur! Once the lies have been dispelled by truth, the result is that your behavior naturally changes as well!!! People that have life struggles and/or use drugs and alcohol engage in cycles of addictive behavior because they do not know the pathway to true freedom. FREEDOM comes through salvation, the power of God, and from the knowledge and understanding of one being in-Christ.