• Initial Assessment
  • Program Placement
  • Residential Services
  • Aftercare
  • Counseling


Upon contacting L.O.T., a client will be scheduled to come into our office for an initial assessment. The four phase assessment model is comprised of beliefs, mindsets, and behaviors of potential clients which points to their readiness for treatment and how intensive the treatment needs to be for their particular case. Once assessed, at a separate meeting, we bring the family together for an explanation of what we discerned and what the assessment revealed.

We are first and foremost concerned about identifying the right program and/or support for the clients that contact our organization. Our assessment provides the critical information to help us work with them and identify the best program for them financially, geographically, spiritually, and physically. How do we do this? We have strong relationships with people and programs around the nation. Though we are exceedingly confident that we have a complete program that will meet the spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical needs for our clients, we are equipped and willing to identify other programs that, based on your current situation, may be more desirable. We will also help in the process of connecting and preparing you for that placement. That is our promise to each and every person we assess.


We understand that no one program completely meets the needs of every individual struggling with life’s issues, therefore we have developed relationships with numerous treatment centers and counseling services across our community and abroad. These relationships have been fostered over the years of being in this space and realizing the multi-faceted needs of our clients. We are determined to locate the right counselor or treatment center for each client.


L.O.T. offers the most comprehensive treatment available. Our services are designed to meet the needs of virtually any client seeking to discover the most passionate, dynamic life possible. We focus upon the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of each individual. We accomplish this by teaching a life-changing message rooted in scripture. We provide 28, 90, 180, 365-day options to clients to ensure we offer a variety of durations to meet their unique needs. Periodically we may offer a 10-day intensive course to accommodate working schedules.

During the stay, clients spend roughly equal time in class instruction, study / reflection time / working and training with local organizations, and in downtime. In addition to housing, all meals, transportation, and one-on-one counseling are included.


Our aftercare services happen to be one of the most significant pieces of the recovery process for those who have already completed a residential or outpatient program. Aftercare is essential because it keeps the recovery journey in focus through teaching while remaining accountable to committed individuals. We offer aftercare programs for up to 15 months, which are led by a 24 lesson DVD series and accompanied by a workbook to direct the individual through a daily curriculum of scripture, thought processes, and revelations. These lessons are strategically designed to continue the maturing of each person’s understanding of our true value and purpose in God’s loving eyes.


L.O.T. offers individual or family either one-time or on-going counseling from licensed, certified, or ordained professionals. We also work with many organizations both locally and abroad to fit each client with the right counselor for their temperament. Though offered as a stand-alone service, counseling is provided to all clients in our residential treatment program on a weekly basis and periodically to visiting family members to help them understand the radical changes that are being experienced during their loved one's residential stay.