Do I Really Have A Problem?

Every individual struggling with a life-controlling issue falls into one of these categories. This is what someone might say about their situation if confronted. Notice the italicized phrases in each sentence that points to the progressive stages of any particular cycle.

  • I don't have a problem!
  • I do have a slight problem, but I don't want any help right now!
  • I know I have a problem, but I can figure this out on my own!
  • I know I have a major problem, and I am willing to get help, but I want to determine what kind of help I need!
  • I know I have an uncontrollable problem, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to break free!

Most individuals seeking help for addiction, whether for themselves or for a loved one, fall prey to treatment that only addresses symptoms or creates even deeper problems. L.O.T. exists to educate individuals and offer complete FREEDOM from addiction related issues.

We are looking for those individuals that are ready to do whatever it takes to be free because we know that God is willing to put the pieces back together if we are willing to admit that they are beyond our control.

Two key terms you must understand while seeking help for addiction: Secular and Faith-based Treatment.

  1. Secular treatment is rooted in principles that are based upon worldly perspectives. Education is the primary source of enlightenment, therefore, treatment processes are followed "by the book" with little or no spiritual emphasis in most cases. Even if a spiritual dynamic is present, Jesus is never presented as THE GOD. Those receiving treatment are told about a "god of your understanding that is relative to you and your own beliefs"...whatever they might be.

  2. Christ-Centered faith-based treatment is rooted in Biblical principles which result in God's perspectives. Most faith-based treatment assumes that God has determined how life should be lived and a relationship with Him through Christ is the only way to achieve the "abundant life" which only He can give. Make certain you know the beliefs of the organization prior to committing to their form of treatment because those beliefs will be instilled into you or your loved one. The only form of influence Life On Target recommends for addiction related issues is an organization which adheres to stringent Biblical guidelines and professes that Jesus is the only one true living God. After all, it is "truth that sets us free!"