L.O.T. vs Typical Approaches

Life On Target is here to communicate that true life-long freedom from mental health issues such as substance abuse and addiction related bondage is possible, available, and within your reach.

There is not another program like Life On Target ... ANYWHERE! Where else can you find a program operated by former addicts having first-hand evidence to show that TRUE FREEDOM, not just sobriety, is attainable?

If that's not enough we also provide:

  • Teaching by the author of 'Getting Your Life on Target' who has experienced this life-changing message first-hand.
  • Aspects of spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and relational healing that are integrated by design.
  • A free aftercare program that provides months of accountability, diverse teaching formats, and practical application tools to reinforce the messages long after program completion.
  • A message which has one of the highest proven success rates in the country through our sister organization, 180 Degrees Ministries, 2 years after program completion.




Addiction is a disease   Addiction is a choice
Incurable   The freedom is available to all
Addiction is the Problem   Addiction is the symptom
Problem focused   Solution oriented
Begins on the outside/works inward   Begins on the inside/works outward
Goal is sobriety   Result is freedom
Promotes coping skills   Ensures desire changes
Embraces labels   Discovers true identity
Self-focused   Christ-centered